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Clairac in postcards

It was during the War of 1870 that these first small-format tickets were exchanged which made it easy to exchange news in a country at war. In a few years, at the end of the 19th century, the postcard quickly became a huge popular success, especially by dedicating one side of the card to an illustration! From then on, everyone in the four corners of France enjoyed writing to his mother, his friend, his regimental friend, his godfather...

Originally, the cards were not illustrated: on the front the sender wrote a short text, on the back he wrote the name and address of the recipient. Then, the front side reproduced a typical view of a city, a village, a monument, and the back side was divided between the signed text and the address. It was a very popular means of correspondence; millions of cards were published and sent, allowing a quick exchange between two people, and most often to send a souvenir of a place or landscape visited. In Clairac, it was the banks of the Lot and this situation so characteristic of the abbey and the church that was the most successful, but also the temple, the squares...

Between 1900 and the 1960s, a few hundred different cqrds were published, most often by Clairac families: Clouzié, Martin, Roussannes, Vignolles… Later, the market was occupied by some national publishers.

Through these pages, la Société des amis de Clairac invites you to take a trip back in time!