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The trades of Clairac

With the Trades of Clairac exhibition, the Société des amis de Clairac offers a journey through time, which will bring back memories for many Clairacais, reviving the diversity of the shops, workshops and small industries that have been at the heart of the village's wealth. By immersing ourselves in the archives, we had the pleasure of seeing the streets and squares of Clairac come to life again. The various shops of hairdressers, bakers, grocers, watchmakers, tobacconists, masons, carpenters, blacksmiths come to life on these panels. Not forgetting small industries and even factories, of which there were many in Clairac. It's hard to imagine today when we see so many abandoned shop windows!
With the documents we found, we also went to interview the “elders” in order to get them speak about the Clairac of their youth.
The panels in this exhibition show only a small part of Clairac's commercial activities; that's normal! A subjective choice perhaps, but one that also depended on the documents that were known and accessible to us. If you know of any others, please let us know!
All these businesses were often characterized by their multidisciplinary nature, as we would say today: selling both fruit and hardware did not frighten these merchants. So you will see documents presented on one panel, which could also have been presented on another one...