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Compagnons de la Libération

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Honor to the 5 Compagnons de la Libération
of Lot-&-Garonne

© Ordre de la Libération


The mayors, or their representatives, of the municipalities of Agen, Barbaste, Clairac and Mézin met on February 22, 2021 in the council room of the town hall of Clairac, in the presence of the representative of the president of the Departmental Council and the departmental director of the National Veterans Office for the prefect of Lot-et-Garonne. The purpose of this working meeting was, after a presentation of the project, to gather the opinions and proposals of the parties involved.

Honor to the 5 Compagnons de la Libération of Lot-&-Garonne” is an original and federative initiative carried by four communes of Lot-et-Garonne having in common to have seen the birth of the five Compagnons de la Libération on their territory (two of them in Clairac, a rare statistic). These men were recognized for their bravery during World War II by their admission to this prestigious fighting order, made up of only 1,038 members, and which General de Gaulle, creator of the Liberation Cross, described as “an exceptional knighthood created at the most serious moment in French history.”

Thus, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Order and while the last of the Compagnons de la Libération still alive, Mr. Hubert Germain, is more than 100 years old, the 4 communes of our department have joined forces to organize a quality memorial and educational event. This activity, scheduled on Friday afternoon, November 12, 2021 in Clairac, will place at its heart the youth of these four communes with nearly 150 children and youth, actors and participants in an educational project honoring the five emblematic figures of our department: Jean Cadéac d'Arbaud (Agen), Pierre Delsol, (Clairac), Louis Godefroy (Barbaste), Henri Labit (Mézin), Eugène Reilhac (Clairac). (see the aappendices)

During this half-day, placed under the presidency of high national authorities (expected : Mrs. Geneviève Darrieusecq, Minister Delegate for Veterans, General Baptiste, National Delegate of the Order of the Liberation) and our department (prefect, senators and deputies, president of the Departmental Council, mayors, elected officials and presidents of associations), will follow one another, a presentation by schoolchildren of the Companions of the department, a ceremony at the war memorial, the unveiling of two plaques (to the Companions of Lot-&-Garonne and the naming of the street Pierre-Delsol, made the 9th Companion in 1941), an exhibition of materials and equipment of the Second World War period, and finally a final snack gathering nearly 150 schoolchildren and the authorities, in the village hall.

So, an event mixing duty of memory and educational project, making our youth aware of exceptional figures, enthusiastic partners - locally and nationally - good anticipation, a project duplicable in other departments and regions, the Lot-&-Garonne pioneer and precursor!


The five Compagnons de la Libération of Lot-&-Garonne

To understand and perceive the diversity of the profiles of the 5 Compagnons de la Libération, their course as their exemplary heroism, here is some information. Their detailed files can be consulted on the web site of the Order of the Liberation.