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Build in Clairac

After two exhibitions visited by many Clairacais and tourists: Clairac's children and The business of Clairac, the Société des amis de Clairac is proud to present its third exhibition, devoted to the methods of construction at Clairac from the Middle Ages to the 20th century: Building inClairac. The Tiers-lieu / Halle de Clairac, supported by the municipality and by Val-de-Garonne, is now a space for meetings and activities, hosting in particular the Tourist Office. The diversity of its program is its richness.
At the approach of our city, the signs announce “Clairac, remarkable village”. Many of those who visit our streets and historical monuments are sensitive to a unique situation on the Lot. The beauty of this or that building, at the bend of a street or a picturesque alley, does not fail to seduce them either; these admirers make it known and we are grateful to them. So let's ask ourselves the question: what are we Clairacais doing to enhance the value of this treasure we hold in our hands, at a time when the spotlight is on heritage, thanks to the impetus provided by the “Bern Mission” or the groundwork done by the Heritage Foundation? An attentive visit reveals too many scratches inflicted on this heritage, whereas a little care - sometimes modest - would make it possible to enhance the value of a door, a plasterwork or an ironwork.
It is the desire of this original exhibition to present a vast panorama - non-exhaustive - of all that Clairac has to offer to those who know how to open their eyes.
To organize this exhibition, the Société des amis de Clairac has chosen a themed presentation: doors, windows, walls, sponge cake, galleries, but also by materials: stone, brick, wood... Without forgetting some more original aspects such as andrones, wheel kickers, or mantling. It is an opportunity to get as close as possible to the techniques that were used by our ancestors in order to understand them and to know how to approach a rehabilitation, a restoration. Our village has always evolved over the centuries: just look at the old photographs to convince us of this.
It is with confidence and enthusiasm that we must look to the future of our beautiful city. Tourism and heritage could well become “the teats of France” to paraphrase the words of the prime minister of one of our kings who knew Clairac well!