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Clairac's children

You may not know it, but over the centuries Clairac had children who knew brilliant destinies in France, and often abroad. For some of them who were not born in Clairac, our village was an important moment in their lives.
By clicking on each portrait, you will access pages that will allow you to discover about twenty Clairacais (by birth or adoption) who, over the centuries, have experienced exceptional destinies in many fields: literature, painting, trade, science, medicine, philanthropy, army… (contemporary political figures have not been selected for not entering a field that could be controversial).
For each one, an illustrated card gives biographical elements, and a selected iconography, sometimes rare. Thus, all Internet users will be able to meet these personalities, from the 16th century to the present day. The opportunity to travel from the siege of Clairac in 1621 to the Paris Opera Orchestra, from the “rotten” wine to the Sauternes, from the municipal hospital to the National Museum of Natural History, from Saint Petersburg to Philadelphia or from Santiago de Chile to Houston, from a lightning rod to a spitfire, from the Bank of England to the “Alcazar d'Été”... guaranteed change of scenery!