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François, Paul, Henri AVELINE


François, Paul, Henri AVELINE was born on August 20, 1852 in Clairac.
Incorporated into the 123rd Infantry Regiment as a volunteer for five years on January 28, 1873, he was appointed corporal on March 1, 1874, sergeant on October 16, 1874, furrier sergeant on January 21, 1875, and sergeant major on July 6, 1875. At the end of his contract, he joined the active army reserve on January 28, 1878.
He then began a civilian career in the central administration of the War Department. A trainee clerk on March 1, 1878, he was appointed ordinary 4th class clerk on March 1, 1879, then 3rd class on January 1, 1883, 2nd class on January 1, 1884, and 1st class drafting clerk on January 1, 1885. He became Senior Clerical Editorial Clerk, 3rd class on July 1, 1886, 2nd class on January 1, 1890 and 1st class on April 1, 1893. He was appointed Deputy Head of Office, 3rd class on April 1, 1895, 2nd class on April 1, 1898, and 1st class on April 1, 1900. He was appointed Accounting Officer on July 1, 1901.
Holder of the Officer's Cross of the Order of Nichan Iftikhar of Tunis on May 2, 1889, he was named Knight of the Legion of Honour by decree of July 11, 1896. His knight's cross was awarded to him by Brigadier General de Torcy, Chief of Staff of the Minister of War on August 31, 1896 in Paris. He was promoted to the rank of Officer of the Legion of Honour by decree of December 31, 1907. His officer's cross was awarded to him on January 3, 1908, by Mr. Roze, head of the internal service of the Ministry of War.
He died in Paris on October 24, 1920.

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