Quirks at Clairac

In the course of our research, in our archives or attics, we can find original or unusual documents, serious or humorous, ancient or modern, which reveal to us in a certain way the margins of Clairac's history; but it is sometimes within these margins, in this small history – sometimes even miscellaneous facts – that a different vision of our village is revealed to us.

On a regular basis, each month, or sometimes more often, we will highlight one of these unusual documents, which we will try to comment on according to what we know or guess about them; sometimes, these discoveries will speak for themselves, without adding a comment. But when we can't tell you everything about our discoveries, you will sometimes know more yourself! So in advance, we thank you for helping us to complete our information, or even correct our mistakes...

Little by little, an unusual library will be built up, like a “ccuriosity cabinet” where people will come to smile or learn.