This section has a triple objective :

1. Give to read, or reread texts that may have appeared over the years - over the centuries... - about Clairac and its history. Some are now difficult to access, and it seemed important to us to be able to give them new readers, while respecting copyright, of course, when they are extracted from journals that are still in use or from recent books. We would like to thank all those who have already given us their permission.

Gradually, we will offer them as downloadable pdf files for your personal use. Obviously, they will not be transferable or marketable.

Access to texts

2. Provide a bibliography of the various books, articles, studies, even fiction texts that may have been published and that you can obtain in bookstores for some of them, on second-hand book sales sites, or in libraries.

Access to the bibliography

3. Propose a list of useful links to allow you to surf the Internet by visiting sites related to culture, history and heritage.

Access to useful links