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Tourist map of Clairac

In conjunction with the municipality and the Tiers-Lieu / La Halle, the Société des amis de Clairac has designed and printed (on recycled paper) a tourism and heritage plan to accompany visitors in their discovery of the village. Available from local tourist offices, we offer it on our site, to download to your computer to print it out yourself, or to download to your tablet or smartphone.
Designed to be printed on an A3 format, the map can be printed on any other format.

Three files are available:

Infos_pratiques.jpg gives the keys,
Historique.jpg reminds us of the important dates in the rich history of Clairac from its legendary foundation by Charlemagne to the present day,
Plan.jpg proposes a journey through the streets, through a dozen of remarkable sites or monuments; for each of them an illustration accompanied by a short text allows you to discover the past.

Infos Pratiques