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The Clairacais members of the Légion d'Honneur

From 7 to 18 May 2019, the Société des membres de la Légion d’honneur du Lot-et-Garonne presented at the Claude-Maisonneuve Cultural Centre in Clairac an exhibition on the native Legionnaires of the department.
Welcomed by Michel Pérat, mayor of Clairac, the president of the SMLH committee of Marmande, Martine Bianchi, thanked the municipality and the participants, especially Nicole Tramond and Daniel Sicard who have worked hard for its implementation. She then passed the floor to the president of the SMLH 47, General Serge Egloff, who presented the purpose of this exhibition: to pay tribute to the members of the Legion of Honor born in our beautiful municipalities and whose memory is often lost.
Following this event, the SMLH 47 put the biographies of the Legionnaires born in Clairac on its website. This is an unpublished study which had its place on our site; we would like to thank the Lot-et-Garonne section of the SMLH for authorising us to publish it here.

The Ministry of Culture's LEONORE website lists 30 children born in the commune of Clairac who, as adults, have received the Légion d'Honneur. Among them, three files are not accessible online. They are Jean CHOPIS1, born on 7 January 1891, André Jean FONTEILLES2, born on 24 September 1894 and Yves LAFFARGUE3, born on 19 May 1892. But the Clairacais who were born in another commune are not taken into account here; similarly, this study does not take into account the natives of the 20th century, such as Pierre DELSOL (1909-1987), Commander of the Légion d'Honneur, Compagnon de la Libération.

Légion d'honneur exhibition, Claude-Maisonneuve Cultural Centre. Spring 2019.
  1. Jean CHOPIS, son of Jean Chopis, layetier (a worker who makes chests, wooden crates generally used for packaging), and Joséphine Héritier. He married Marie Thérèse Juéla on July 22, 1919, in Castelmoron. He died in Agen on 12 May 1966.
  2. André Jean FONTEILLES, son of Léopold Auguste Fonteilles, layetier, and Marguerite Chaudruc. He married Angèle Badia in Nérac on 23 September 1919. He died in Tonneins on 6 September 1972.
  3. Yves LAFFARGUE cannot be found in Clairac's registers of civil status at that date.
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