Sageran house

Alexandre de Lalobbe (1848-1919)

Situated on Place de l'Eglise, this house was the property of the Sageran de Birac family (one of the many branches of the Sageran family) as the land register of 1821 recalls.

Oil painting on canvas.

At the time when it was represented its facade is animated by the large red shutters and the trellis; one finds these last ones on the small drawing (naive!) dated 1907; in the background of this last one, an arcade of the hall. Between the two, the beautiful half-timbered house that housed the Feille gallery for several years. In the square, the mission cross which was moved in the 1970s in favour of a stone cross. When the house was restored at the end of the 20th century, the restorers chose to plaster the facade between the half-timberings, as was the case in the past.
As shown in the photo below, taken in September 1944, in which we see Capitaine de vaisseau Lacaille-Desse commander of the École Navale accompanied by Pierre Pons of the Sultan's resistance group heading towards the abbey, this house saw a number of major events, both clairacais and national, taking place under its windows.

It was through his marriage that Alexandre Canelle de Lalobbe (1848-1919) from Champagne arrived in Clairac, where he bought the Sinange property in 1909. A former officer, he had left the army following his wounds at the famous Battle of Woerth in 1870. As a young man, he had taken lessons from the painter Cals, husband of one of his cousins. From 1881, he exhibited regularly at the Salon des artistes français in Paris. A painter of nature, he travelled around with his easel but also worked from the many photographs he took. In Clairac, he found a light that he had probably sought all his life, in the line of the work of the Impressionists two decades earlier: in his paintings, he played with the sparkling sky of the Lot valley, the reds of the tiles and shutters, the greens of the vines but also of the cypresses, the pastel shades of hollyhocks which were one of his favourite motifs. On the eve of his death in January 1919, he was still painting the effects of light on snow in Sinange.

Photo Martin September 1944.
Sageran House and the rue de l'Église. Postcard AS.
Sageran House, 2019.
La rue de l'Église, 1907. Anonymous watercolours.