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Artistic roaming in Clairac

In the context of lockdown, the Société des amis de Clairac would like to offer you a walk through the streets of Clairac in the company of painters who, for more than a century, have chosen its streets, squares, or the banks of the Lot to set up their easels. Photographers too who, in the 1900s, were able to preserve snapshots of Clairac life.

That's the daily column that Alain Glayroux ran on the website of the town of Tonneins, which inspired this online publication.

Every day, from a painting, a watercolour, a drawing or a photograph, we revived a street, a neighbourhood, a tradition or an event; but also the life of Clairac artists. This virtual museum now has nearly 40 artworks: a real exhibition! In the future, we will be able to enrich it from time to time with new discoveries.

These works are kept in private collections, and we thank their owners for making them available to us; if you have any that you would like to share, please let us know by clicking here.

These pages are now the most visited pages on our website; they have led to many exchanges between you and us. Do not hesitate to share them with your family and friends, they will be happy to take a virtual walk in our “remarkable village”.

Click on the thumbnails below and... enjoy your visit!