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Suspension bridge

Anonymous, before 1900

This beautiful general view of Clairac, taken from the Maubourguet slipway, offers a classic view of the village.


In the foreground, hidden in the branches, two women, possibly washerwomen; In the centre, the suspension bridge, with the toll booth as floating above the bridge abutment. On the right, the tree line of the Quai de la République. The bell tower of the church of Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens, the symbol of Clairac, stands high on the horizon; On the right, a high roof may surprise us today for two reasons: first of all, it no longer exists; but above all the lover of local architecture will make another remark: its typology is not at all that of the roofs of the Lot valley, but rather those of the Périgord. It is the former house of the Bar de Mauzac family, originally from Montauban, destroyed by a fire in the 1900s; only the four monumental fireplaces remain today, hung on the wall of a semi-detached house, at the end of rue Puzoque, at the corner of the Château staircase. Indeed, for a very long time the Clairacais had named this powerful townhouse, owned by a noble family no less powerful. On many postcards of the time, its slender roof is clearly visible.
Below deck, you can see the masts of the barges that have docked. Along the Lot, the old towpath disappears under the foliage.

Clairac and the hanging bridge (detail).
Clairac, October 2, 1882. Henriette Oberkampf.
The Republic wharf and the bridge, before 1938. Anonymous photographe.
General view of Clairac. Postcard Vve Roussannes.
Clairac. Detail of a postcard with the silhouette of the “château”. Bonhotal card.
Clairac. Detail of a postcard with the silhouette of the “château”.